Second coming of steam in the UK

The British Sauna Society is an emerging, charitable organisation that promotes sauna culture in the UK.
Happy saunners!

Sauna bathing is possibly the world's best kept secret to well-being and a healthy life.

Regular use of private and public saunas for health, relaxation and socialising is commonplace in Finland, Scandinavia, Baltics, Russia, Central Europe and more. We believe, that the same could be achieved in Britain.
We work together

To establish and promote a new wave of sauna practice in the UK that draws from different international sauna traditions, with a mission to support sauna quality in the UK.

Our purposes are to
Promote sauna culture in the United Kingdom.
Provide standards and guidance on building, operating and using a sauna.
Engage with and expand the sauna community.

To rebalance your mind and body – sauna experience can have it all.

Sauna stones

Pour water onto hot stones

Steaming it up is the essence of sauna bathing.

Bucket shower

Cold plunge

It's a duet of fire and ice.

Whisking treatment in progress

Leaf whisking

100% natural connection and rejuvenation.

Sauna master at work

Guided experiences

From Aufguss ceremonies to group and individual treatments.

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We are now open for new members! Support our mission and be part of the movement for authentic sauna in the UK. We have individual, joint and concessionary rates available, as well as a gift membership option.

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